Play Farm Town with Susi

I love game Farm Town so much. This is the only farming game that I play now. I really try to stop playing, but I always come back every three days. malu. Then I give up to try and I keep playing, but not as daily player or daily gifter anymore.


If you like to join me in Farm Town, you have to be my friend in Facebook. I’m Susi Susindra, but in Farm Town, I use Zee as a username. This name is very special for me. My beloved friend, Dian, and my mother in law and other special person call me Si or Zee. We back to the topic. I can’t stop playing this game coz it’s very fun. It’s attractive. The most important is, fast upgrading level and buy things such as building, tool, decoration, etc. They can buy with coin that we get from doing job. We don’t have to use our farm cash to buy extraordinaire stuff. love3 I don’t have to ask friend to help me I don’t want it. Like a very famous game, Farmville or Country Life. It’s easy for me to stop playing Farmville and Country Life because I’m sick of asking help from friend to have stuffs. And, I need too many experiences to entering new level. I hate when I stag in same level over 2 weeks after I plant twice every day. It wastes my time. tazmania In Farm Town, since I have my second farm, I can finish a level for 2-3 days, from planting or help friend to plow. Yes, in Farm Town, you can hire or hired by friend to plow or harvest. You get 25% from cost. You don’t have to be a friend to do that. Just hang out in the market and tell them that you are ready to help. Job over will come to you. You like to play this game? Follow link that I prepare for you. Happy Farming!

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  1. Pertamax .... Hehe ... :aa:
    Coba smiley, bo.... :vv:

  2. heu..heu... mulai lagi dech! hati-hati jeng..ntar nyandu lagi :aa:


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