The Top Black Friday Shapewear Deals at Popilush 2023 You Can't Miss

Are you excited for the big sale of the year? I'm sure you do, so I've put together some tips for you to make the most of the best offers to purchase the shapewear dress black friday of your dreams at Popilush.

It is possible to buy assertive pieces that can be used in the workplace, at informal events and even at parties such as weddings, graduations and cocktail parties. The variety is huge, so make your personal selection now!


1- Popilush Crew Neck Sleeveless Midi Lounge Dress

You need to have a midi length dress in your closet, as it is a piece that can be worn on any occasion and this will make your life easier. The round neck is an elegant classic and the hidden zipper at the back makes it easy to wear.

It has fabric made from modal fiber from natural wood and which may degrade after use. You purchase a comfortable piece and help raise awareness about sustainability through fashion.

It is wrinkle-resistant and shapes the tummy without visible seams, using the control panel for a perfect slim effect. I sculpted the legs through the mesh fabric in the leg area that models their curves.


2- Built-In Shapewear Ruched Long Sleeve Split Midi Dress

Following this trend, this is another interesting shapewear midi dress option that you can purchase. This gathered model has long sleeves that are ideal for colder days. The tight fit helps to amplify your body's natural curves along with the V-neckline for a sexier shape.

It is made of elastic nylon fabric that helps you shape your body comfortably, without squeezing or causing discomfort. The belly gets a new look through the mesh that models, flattens and shapes effectively.

3- Built-In Shapewear Slip Shine Maxi Dress

This dress will make you the most beautiful woman at the party. The long length combined with the shine of this silk-like fabric is very elegant and assertive. If you create a combination with high heel shoes and the right bag, you can be sure you will receive lots of compliments. The garment is made from 86% Nylon + 14% Spandex fabric.


The low round neckline gives you a sexier look, as it expands the cleavage and highlights the neck and shoulders. The belly gains a more structured shape through the modeling mesh that is incorporated in the waist area and flattens the lower part of the abdomen to the right extent.

4- Built-In Shapewear Deep V-Neck Twist Split Maxi Dress

Features a deep V neckline and twist that helps create an even slimmer shape for your appearance. This shaper dress is made from highly elastic fabric with a composition of 86% Nylon + 14% Spandex. This makes your dress comfortable and easier to adapt to different body shapes.

The waist gains an attractive shape, free from imperfections, thanks to the modeling mesh incorporated in the abdomen region. It is a piece that adapts to different occasions and can be worn throughout the day without any problems. This is because it models without squeezing and is breathable, freeing you from the undesirable effects of sweat. It has plastic mesh in the back region, a feature that makes it easier to put on and take off the dress and beautifies the back, creating a light feminine figure.

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  1. Shapewear products at Popilush are known to be good in terms of quality. Hopefully this can be a solution for women to choose good shapewear, so they can be comfortable to wear.

  2. Design shape wear dress-nya bagus semua ya kak. Suka liatnya apalagi yang midi dress shape wear. Kesannya elegan sekali.

  3. love banget desain shapewear yang no 3, Built-In Shapewear Slip Shine Maxi Dress. bisa dikombinasikan dengan outer blazer atau outer rajut. chic banget deh

  4. love banget desain shapewear yang no 3, Built-In Shapewear Slip Shine Maxi Dress. bisa dikombinasikan dengan outer blazer atau outer rajut. chic banget deh

  5. iya kalau di luar black friday itu momen buat beli barang yang diinginkan dengan harga diskon, termasuk produk shapewaer dari populish ini ya mbak

  6. Very excited, you have to try shapewear dress black friday


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